Indian Research Center


One of the most important trends in the world economy in recent years has been the dramatic surge in market reforms throughout the developing world. According to a Harvard study, more than seventy-five developing and post-Socialist economies, with a combined population of more than three billion people are undertaking dramatic economic reforms aimed at integrating themselves into the global market system. Dozens of these economies have succeeded in attracting large flows of capital, and, more than thirty countries have succeeded in establishing stock markets capable of attracting international portfolio investments. These changes have profound implications for the entire world economy and are leading to a reallocation of global savings and investment.

These changes are of great macroeconomic significance, propelling the most dynamic of the reforming countries into unprecedented levels of sustained economic growth and reshaping global capital markets by introducing new opportunities for both portfolio and direct foreign investment. At the same time, however, the capital movements are also introducing new financial risks for both countries and investors, as exemplified by the East Asian financial crisis, the 1994-95 Mexican peso crisis and the recent Argentinean crisis. As one of the most important emerging markets in the world with tremendous potential for sustained high rates of economic growth, Asia is increasingly becoming a key player in the world economy.


The main objective of the India Research Center (IRC) is to create a vibrant body of management research pertaining to India and Asia, globalization of Indian and Asian Business and its resultant opportunities in relation to France and French organizations in the Indian sub-continent. More specifically, it will support the creation and dissemination of intellectual capital pertaining to management thinking and research anchored in France and its business implication on India. Further its subsidiary objectives will be to produce high quality academic research publications for international and domestic audiences, foster the development of high quality research graduates, and to constructively contribute to public policy debate and public understanding on issues concerning the Indian sub-continent.


The Center will be distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Creation of a global business curriculum focused on Indian/Asian Management Practices and its dissemination in France (in particular) and the European Union (in general):
    The Center will strive to support the creation of leading-edge cases of French companies and Indian companies to benchmark and understand business practices about the unique characteristics of business processes in France/Europe and India. Within the core teaching activities of ESSEC, especially the ESSEC MBA, and in the more general life of the School (e.g. through ESSEC Associations like ESSEC China, ESSEC Japan etc), the Center will promote substantive discussion about the Indian and Asian Management practices and challenges.
  • Authoritative source of reference for leading research pertaining to Indian/Asian countries:
    The Center will maintain a strong presence on the Internet such that the India Research Center becomes one of the best authoritative source for collaborative management research between France and India. ESSEC has been pioneering in this area through its exchange collaboration with top-league Asian Business Schools from China, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand.
  • Most comprehensive network of researchers and companies:
    The Center will seek to include a wide cross-section of researchers and companies from France interested in management research pertaining to India. The purpose is to foster interactions and collaborations among the key constituencies. The creation and establishment of such a network will go a long way to enhance the understanding of Indian business environment from a French perspective, as well as gain recognition for research about Indian companies and their distinctive management practices. This will include providing consulting help to French organizations who would like to do business in emerging economies in Asia. In addition, this network will include leading Indian companies and other global companies in France and vice versa.
  • An ongoing forum for iterations among practitioners and researchers:
    The Center will strive to organize an/or support systematic exchange between leading researchers and practitioners between ESSEC and the best management educational institutes in India, notably the IIMs. They may involve debates, invited lectures, discussions as well as showcase of practices. These may be conducted with the exchange partners of ESSEC in India or in France or elsewhere and may also increasingly involve web-based forums and multimedia material (like videotapes, online courses and lectures and so on).
  • Commitment to India and Asia:
    The India Research Center (IRC) will operate independently under the umbrella of ESSEC Asia Research Center Singapore and it will be one of the vehicle for ESSEC commitment to Asia. The goal of the Center will be to create and disseminate new knowledge related to management in India and Asia. The research findings will be disseminated directly through publications, conference or seminar participation, and indirectly through case studies and courses development for the MBA, Ph.D and Executive Development programs. This is in synergy with ESSECs long-term commitment to Asia and its starting of the first international research center in Singapore.

    The India Research Center will ensure that its research remains relevant to business by creating strong links between its academic network and major companies interested in India or Indian companies interested in France. The Center also proposes to focus research efforts in certain disciplines by bringing together faculty members who have agreed to support a common research agenda. Hence, the Center would be interdisciplinary and integrative in its research agenda focussing on a wide range of social, political and economic dynamics within the region. The thematic focus, however, is on the analysis of forces within the region that mediate the form and impact of globalization.

    Together with the aforementioned activities that will be offered by the India Research Center, to start with there will be two obligatory courses and specific seminars. The India Research Center will be open to ESSEC MBA students, ESSEC MS Programs, Specialized MBA programs, university exchange students and double degree candidates who would like to focus a part of the curriculum towards Asia. Also, the Center proposes doctoral and post-doctoral position for comparative research between Europe and emerging economies.