Organizational Redeisgn and HRM

documentSom, A (November 2008). Organization Re-design and Innovative HRM. Oxford University Press, UK. India. 

hrmThis book documents an empirical, longitudinal study of the process of organizational redesign during changing environments brought  about by globalization, liberalization and deregulation. It portrays through detailed description the challenges organizations face responding to these changing environments and how those organizations respond by integrative mechanisms to cement redesign changes within themselves. One of the processes identified is the role of innovative human resource management during organizational redesign. The book, while describing key processes of design and the subsequent innovative human resource management initiatives undertaken by five firms, draws on the rich data set of two environments, India and France, which are emerging into more liberalized and international regimes. While describing the organizational redesign process from an organization theory perspective, the book presents a contingency framework based upon both specific policies and actual practices as perceived by top management from a cross-national point of view. The study of the five in-depth longitudinal case studies of Lafarge, Renault of France and Mahut Group, Maruti and BPCL of India that are market leaders in their respective industries across the globe leads the author to support the belief that a proactive role of human resource management is a necessity for superior performance during an organizational redesign process.

…five interesting case studies of business firms that undertook significant changes in organizational structures [that] demanded concomitant changes in human resources practices…William H. Starbuck, Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon

…a novel account of the key role of HRM in driving effective change and ultimately superior performance for global firms. This book will be of interest to both academics and practitioners…Ranjay Gulati, Harvard Business School

…a much needed refreshing perspective on innovative approaches to HRM during organizational redesigns… highly recommended for researchers, practitioners and students in the field…Pawan Budhwar, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham