Executive Lectures

Ashok regularly lectures diverse audiences in France, Japan, China, Taiwan and India. Through executive seminars and open lectures, Ashok creates a forum for the development and implementation of business and HR strategies for emerging markets. Each lecture is customized to fit the audience and their circumstances.

Some of the topics that Ashok regularly lectures on include:


Ashok provides an environment and a wonderful opportunity to focus on the immediate relevance of the issues discussed in class from day-to-day experience. The methodology is therefore designed to provide room for discussion, interaction, and feedback. The more the willingness to take some risks in sharing examples, insights, hunches, confusion and questions, the more successful it becomes in making the concepts immediately useful. In addition to formal lectures, cases, case discussions, focused simulations, interactive exercises, role plays, group discussions, team presentations, video materials, Ashok uses concepts from action learning. The learning style tends to be interactive with experiential activities to reinforce the classwork.